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Visitor Policy

All visitors are asked to sign in at the main office and obtain a visitor's badge to ensure the safety and security of students and staff.

Parents/guardians may request a formal observation of a classroom. Making an appointment with the school at least two school days in advance of an observation is not only a courtesy and a requirement, but enables the parent/guardian to schedule the observation for the maximum benefit. Teachers cannot stop teaching to confer with parents/guardians who stop by without an appointment. Parents/guardians may schedule up to two classroom observations of up to forty-five minutes in duration each grading period. Staff will accompany visitors to the classroom. Siblings should not attend. Teachers will be happy to discuss the observation at a mutually convenient time. Parents/guardians are welcome to visit and eat lunch with their child any day.

In order to protect the privacy of other students, and in order to maintain a proper learning environment, parents/guardians may not use any audio or visual recording device at any time during the visitation and must turn off all cell phones.

Principals retain the authority to deny access to the school for any individual who has been disruptive or may disrupt or disturb the learning environment or who lacks a valid or legal purpose for entering the school. Our shared commitment and cooperation is essential for the safety of our students and staff.